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A captivating blend of laid-back charm & effortless elegance.

Stemming from an Afro-Latina heritage and raised in the vibrant city of Miami, Florida, I have now found my home in Dallas,Texas.


While my curvaceous figure always catches eyes, my quick wit and infectious laughter light up the room wherever I go. My sinful figure is complemented by an impeccable fashion sense that ensures I am always dressed for the occasion.While I will always turn heads, I am elegant and unassuming. I thrive amidst the pulsating energy of exclusive clubs, sophisticated lounges, and glamorous soirées. Beyond the allure of vibrant city nights, my insatiable wanderlust propels me towards the most breathtaking destinations across the globe.

However, it is not just a life of extravagance and adventure that I desire. Behind closed doors, our connection will be ignited by an intense chemistry that defies words. In the realm of intimacy, I am a seductive enchantress, capable of evoking passion, tenderness, and uninhibited pleasure. Our private moments will be a sanctuary where desires are explored, and a profound connection unfolds.


Ethnicity : South American

Stats: 5'8, Curves In Desired Places

Education: Bachelor's Degree

Languages: English, Spanish

Turn On's: Attention to detail, good story telling, thoughtful planning & excellent personal upkeep.

Favorite Music: House, Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B
Favorite Cuisine: Mediterranean & Seafood



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